Thursday, July 7, 2011

Book Review: Jan's Fabulous Food Storage Recipes

Recipes and an off-grid setup are needed.
What happens if you have to live just off your food storage? Have you ever tried or used it?  If not, then “Jan’s Fabulous Food Storage Recipes” has some recipes you need!
It’s one thing to be set up  and prepared for off-grid cooking. But what happens when  (insert appropriate apocalyptic acronym) happens and all you have  to eat is the stored staples in your pantry. Do you know how to cook those foods?
Maybe you already have a couple of standard recipes that work well. But if you have to alternate them every-other-day, it won’t be long before diet monotony sets in and you have to force yourself to eat.
And that’s why this situation is dangerous. Small children and elderly folks might just quit eating, and that can put everyone at risk.  When a person is weak from lack of sustenance, they can’t function, and that could affect the larger group. Click here to read the review!

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